June 2023
from 18:30h – till 20:30h
passage du cardinal 1 BlueFactory 1700 Fribourg

(POSTPONED) WORKSHOP - Hack Your Drum Machine w/ Arthur Hnatek

rythmic workshop

Hack Your Drum Machine

Arthur Hnatek (Na-tek), drummer/composer/electronica artist, is a 32 years old Swiss born, award winner, contemporary musician. In 2022, he was awarded with a "Swiss Music Price". These days, he releases and performs electronic music, exploring acoustic improvisations and functional experimental club track.

In this workshop, we will discuss the future of drum machines and their integration in the context of improvisation, generative music and performance. Drummer Arthur Hnatek will present an overview of the different rhythmic technologies he uses in his work (from software to modular synthesis) with a specific focus on live performance. Let's take a look at the BYODM (Bring Your Own Drum Machine) and try to hack its functions in order to expand its (sometimes unwanted) limits and discover new patterns.

There are no skills required to join the workshop.

The course will be given in French or English, depending on the people attending. Questions and answers can be given and responded in French and English as well.