February 2023
from 20:30h – till 23:55h
Espace Gate, Passage du cardinal 1 (garage blues) 1700 Fribourg

SMEM LISTENING SESSION #002 | dianita (CH) · KT66 (UK) · Nadia Struiwigh (NL)

an evening of soundscapes, ambient lives and dj sets

dianita (Vevey)

Dianita is a musician and visual artist from Vevey, now based in Bern. Her solo project is an impermanent & fluid exploration of sound. She started from a percussive approach in 2019, got through rivers of ambient sounds during the lockdown, using different instruments such as bass, guitar, synthetizers, and sometimes a melodica. She is today oscillating between her friend's projects (Galsh, Moictani, among others) and sometimes making her way back to her solo frequencies.


KT66 (UK)

Heading from the UK, KT66 delivers sounds drawn from glitchy yet melodic and mental atmospheres. Join to follow this guy for an ambient ride that defy Road 66.


Nadia Struiwigh (NL)

Nadia Struiwigh is a DJ and electronic producer from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Starting her production and DJing activities around 2009, she never stopped exploring sonorities freely gravitating around energetic melodic techno, with different kind of energy levels. Nadia’s various releases such as the latest one on Nous’klaer are examples of her unique style. In her hybrid live-set, refined downtempo electronica and synthethic soundscapes are organically flirting with ambient techno.