February 2024
from 17:00h – till 18:30h
Photobastei Silhquai 125 8005 Zürich

Workshop #2 - Drum Machines 101

What is a drum machine? How do you "program" beats? What are the practical and musical advantages of programming a beat compared to playing on a normal drum kit?

In this workshop we will get to know the basic functions of both old and modern drum machines and learn how to program some famous and genre-defining rhythms. This "guided tour", mixing theory and practice, will also give us the opportunity to gain an insight into the history of this particular category of instruments and learn more about their influence on the development of popular musical trends and cultures.

This workshop does not require any prior musical knowledge and is open to audiences of all ages.

Mikael Dürrmeier is finishing a Master’s Degree in philosophy and musicology and works as a project and research manager at the smem, the Swiss Museum and center for Electronic Music in Fribourg (CH).

Goal: learn how to program beats
Target audience: general public, non-musicians or musicians who do not know how to use a synthesizer
Capacity : max. 10 people.
Duration : about 1h30
Language: English