February 2024
from 15:00h – till 16:30h
Photobastei Silhquai 125 8005 Zürich

Workshop #3 - Production 101

How are synthesizers and drum machines combined to create a techno track? What are the other tools used to create this music and electronic music in general? How do the producing techniques differ from the early stages of techno music to nowadays modern productions? 

In this workshop open to all, we will explore the main different tools used by techno music producers over the last decades. By trying to collectively compose a basic techno track, we will understand how the initial limitations of some pieces of gear have influenced or impacted the creative processes of early techno producers and how these aspects have largely evolved since then. To help us in our journey, we will also listen and discuss important musical works of the techno history.

This workshop does not require any prior musical knowledge and is open to audiences of all ages.

Mikael Dürrmeier is finishing a Master’s Degree in philosophy and musicology and works as a project and research manager at the smem, the Swiss Museum and center for Electronic Music in Fribourg (CH).

Goal: understand the core elements used to produce techno music, now and back then.
Target audience: general public, non-musicians or musicians who do not know how to use a synthesizer
Capacity : max. 10 people.
Duration : about 1h30
Language: English