Elka O.M.B. 5 FM Synthesizer Arranger

The instrument

The O.M.B. 5 from Elka aka One Man Band is an FM and PCM Rom based synthesizer arranger. There are two FM synthesizers onboard along with a PCM/Wavetable synthesizer for drums. Altogether you can select up to 9 parts in sequencer mode. The internal memory contains 32 PCM from drum machine ELKA Drumstar DR-80.


The FM synthesizer section offers 24 presets of synth sounds. No editing capabilities are available however the user can stack/layer two sounds with each other making for interesting and heavier sounding arrangements. The Instrument list contains: flute, guitar, brass, tuba, marimba, clavinet, piano, strings, piano, rhodes, harp and various synths.
The Sequencer Section can hold up to 9 parts making it 9 part multitimbral. There is also an Auto Bass Accompaniment within the Sequencer Arranger with song functions available like tempo, variation, and rhythm. (source: synth-db)