Ace Tone GT-7 Electronic Combo Organ

The instrument

The AceTone GT-7 was made by Sakata Shokai in Osaka Japan. Shortly after it was released in the U.S.A., Hammond started marketing combo and portable organs made by Sakata Shokai with the Hammond name. The X-2, X-5 and B-200 were japanese made. About that same time the Ace Tone organs disappeared from the U.S. market. The GT-7 was the larger edition of the Ace Tone GT-5, which in turn is identical to the Hammond X-5. These organs are compatible with Leslie Speakers.


Keyboards: Upper Manual with 44 Keys (F scale), Lower Manual with 44 Keys (F scale); Pedal with 13 Keys (C scale). 
Drawbars: Upper Manual: 16', 5-1/3', 8', 4', 2-2/3', 2', 1-3/5', 1-1/3', 1' (synthesizing sine-wave system with 9 drawbars). Lower  Manual 8', 4', 2-2/3', 2', 1-3/5', 1-1/3', 1' (synthesizing sine-wave system with 7 drawbars); Pedal: 16'/8'.
Presets: Upper Manual: Drawbars and Percussion, Trumpet, Full Tibias, Theatre Brass, Percussion Only. Lower Manual: Drawbars, Ensemble Effects. Pedal: 16'/Pedal/8', String Bass 1, String Bass 2, Mute. 
Percussion: Percussion Forte, 8' Unison, 4' Octave, 2-2/3' Twelfth, 2' Super Octave, 1-3/5' Seventeenth, Slow / Decay / Fast.
Brass Mute: Brass Mute, Slow / Mute / Fast 
Vibrato: Vibrato 1, Vibrato 11, Delay Vibrato, Slow / Delay / Fast 
Reverb: Reverb 1, Reverb 2, Brilliance 
Others: Volume, Reiteration Rate, Pitch, Monitor, Slow / Leslie / Fast. 
Power Switch Terminals EXT. 
Out: Leslie (120, 147 used to), High Out, Low Out, Earphone EXT. 
In: High In, Low in, Pedal Connector, AC Outlet