Hohner Organetta Reed Organ

The instrument

The Hohner Organetta series was launched in 1957. Later, variants followed, including Organetta 3, Organetta 49 RA (Collection smem). The small table organ made of a wooden case covered with plastic is equipped with a keyboard of 29 keys and two loudspeakers. It was probably developed as a learning and entry model for children. They are comparable to the somewhat older Hohner Organa, the Koestler Harmophones, the Hohner Electra Melodica and the Bontempi 9 Electric Chord Organ. 


The organetta is a table organ with a blower that is operated by an electric motor of 220 volts. This is mounted on the underside. The air flow is directed by pressing the keys on reeds. The air flow and thus the volume can be changed with a slider.