Ahlborn Lipp Cantata DS 28 Electronic Organ

Ahlborn DS 28 Electronic Organ

The instrument

Lipp Cantata DS 28 electronic church organ as manufactured under license by Ahlborn. He has two manuals reverse keys in real Rosewood, 31 speaking stops plus couplers and illuminated turned Rosewood drawstop and 10 humb pistons, twin expression pedals, full radiation pedal board ((C to G).
Dimensions: 157 cm wise, 73.5 cm deep, 126 cm high.
The organ comes from the village church in Rossens FR / CH, where it was probably played since 1964. It was used for a show at the local concert venue Fri-Son in Fribourg.


Hauptwerk: Trumpet 8, Furniture 4r, Sesquialtera 2r, Fifteenth 2, Nazard 2 2/3, Spitzflute 4, Principal 4, Chimney Flute 8, Open Diapason 8, Bourdon 16, 
Schwellwerk: Krumhorn 8, Trumpet 8, Conta Fagotto 16, Mixture 4r, Quint 1 1/3, Blockflute 2, Stopped Flute 4, Gemshorn 4, Voix Celeste II,  Leiblich Gedackt 8, Violin Diapason 8. 
Pedal: Schalmei 4, Trumpet 8, Ophicleide 16, Mixture 4r,  Nachthorn 2, Choral Bass 4, Flute 8, Principal 8, Bourdon 16, Diapason 16.
Couplers: Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Swell to Grear, Tremulant.
Tutti toe piston, 3 combination coupler toe pistons, adjustable chiff, depth, speed & wind, reverb and transposition.