access Virus B Rack Virtual Analog Synthesizer

The instrument

The 1999 Virus B was similar to its predecessor, the Virus A, but with better transducers and more voices.
The Virus is a 24-voice synthesiser and can play back up to 16 parts on different MIDI channels simultaneously if required. The internal sounds are divided into 256 ROM presets and 256 rewritable RAM memory locations. In addition to 32 knobs, there are 30 buttons for operation and programming. 


In terms of signal structure, the Virus is a classic synthesiser with subtractive synthesis. Three oscillators (two full-fledged and one sub-oscillator) are used for sound generation. In addition to the classic sawtooth and square waveforms (with pulse width modulation), there are 64 spectral waveforms. The volumes of the oscillators are set in the downstream mixer. Various settings from light to shaper to digital variants are possible. A ring modulator and noise generator with colourable noise colour are also available via a display menu. (Quelle: Amazona)