A place to enjoy synths

The SMEM Playroom allows visitors to come and play on some of the rare and legendary instruments of the SMEM collection. The 4-hour sessions are the opportunity for both newbies and pros to use some rare and inaccessible instruments, learn how they work and even record the result using the sound cards provided. A qualified member of the SMEM team will always be there to supervise the sessions and will make sure everything goes well, by providing suggestions, advice and help if needed. It’s recommended to bring your own set of headphones with you, as well as a USB-compatible recording device / personal computer if you wish to record your productions.

A Playroom session includes

  • 4 hours in the Playroom with instruments availible at the Playroom
  • visit of the collection

For residencies, ask conditions


2021_HSLU Workshop
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Synths in the playroom


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