Elka X 1000 Digital Multi-Keyboard Organ and Synthesizer

The instrument

Elka therefore felt compelled to offer a transportable professional version analogous to the console models C 1000 and C 2000 - the X 1000.


The X 1000 is technically identical to the C-1000, featuring two manuals with five octaves, velocity and aftertouch, an LED display, 325 preset sounds, 20 rhythms with 5 variations, tone generation via four-operator FM systems (editable). The instrument is polyphonic 24-voice with 8-fold multimode. The RAM memory has 10 user positions and 24 presets, the sequencer with seven tracks has 22,000 events. The effects processor is equipped with 16 different programmes. Connections are available for two MIDI Out/In/Thru, printer, foot sill and pedal (source: wer-wirbt-wie)